mortgages by christina

Mortgages by Christina blown away by 600% increase in sales thanks to Stock Media Inc. Digital Marketing Agency.

mortgages by christina

Mortgages by Christina blown away by 600% increase in sales thanks to Stock Media Inc. Digital Marketing Agency.


Mortgages by Christina is a mortgage brokerage owned and operated by Christina Pentlichuk. With over 25 years in the banking industry, Christina fused her expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others when she founded Mortgages by Christina. In her own words: “As a Mortgage Agent, it is my job to guide you, much like a compass, through your home financing options, both now and in the future, based on your financial situation and goals. Let’s create a solution that is as unique as you!”


“I was ‘that person’ who was creating ads on Facebook and hitting boost post,” says Christina, “I was spending money on advertising and seeing no return.”

Christina admits that she didn’t have a comprehensive advertising strategy before she started working with Stock Media. “It was mostly word of mouth,” Christina says, “And it was just a trickle. I needed the tap full on!”

As an entrepreneur and a wife and mother, Christina was facing a lot of pressure and responsibility. Leaving her traditional employment and starting her own business was a financial risk and the clock was ticking – she needed to increase her sales and she needed it to happen fast.


In July of 2020, Christina started working with Lisa Anne and Stock Media. When asked why she chose to work with Stock Media instead of another digital marketing agency, Christina had this to say: “Lisa demonstrated her competence in marketing, and had added credibility from teaching at universities. Lisa is proactive, always analysing and making sure the project demonstrates its own effectiveness through the data that Stock Media collects. She’s also very approachable and highly communicative. I felt very cared for throughout the process.”

Lisa and Stock Media set Christina up with:
• A full digital marketing strategy
• Customized sales funnels and email marketing strategies
• Content creation for blogs, emails and social media


Since working with Stock Media starting in 2020, Christina reported the following results:

• From 2020-2022, sales grew from $5 M to $30 M – that’s a 600% increase!

• In 2021 alone, sales grew by 300%, with 40% of her leads coming from social media paid advertising and the complete digital marketing strategy

• In 2021, Mortgages by Christina generated 1692 leads – as opposed to the trickle coming in before she started working with Stock Media

final thoughts

“If you are going to invest advertising dollars, you need to be able to track the return on your investment. With Stock Media, the numbers are plain, there’s no question about it.” – Christina Pentlichuk

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