my virtual academy

My Virtual Academy enjoys 195% increase in applications thanks to Stock Media Inc. Digital Marketing Agency.

my virtual academy

My Virtual Academy enjoys 195% increase in applications thanks to Stock Media Inc. Digital Marketing Agency.


My Virtual Academy (MVA) is a tuition-free online school for Michigan residents providing a flexible method of learning for grades K-12. Some students encounter challenges that are difficult to overcome and need help to overcome those challenges. MVA’s online programs help students who struggle with traditional schooling. Some of the reasons students and their families choose My Virtual Academy include:

  • Family preference for home schooling
  • Student disciplinary concerns
  • Student pregnancy or teen parents
  • Physical or mental health challenges
  • Bullying
  • Student initiated accelerated education

MVA is co-owned by Howard Weaver and Misty Smith.


When Misty joined MVA as a business partner, she quickly became aware that MVA was lacking a strong online presence. Marketing for MVA consisted of traditional methods including door to door, billboards, bus boards, and mailers. There was no system to measure the efficacy of these marketing practices, but customer response was below target. Misty knew that MVA had to grow their online and particularly social media presence in order to reach their target audience of high school students and parents.


Enter Lisa from Stock Media. Misty was referred to Stock Media by a respected colleague. “I’m a big believer in referrals,” says Misty, “but Lisa really hooked me with her effective and highly responsive communication style.” 

Stock Media runs Facebook and Instagram ads for MVA. These ads are designed to:
1. Build brand awareness,
2. Generate leads
3. Turn leads into MVA applications
4. Retarget any website visitors who do not immediately become a lead or application.

When the ad generates the lead, the prospective client is automatically prompted to fill out their application. This is an example of a sale funnel, which walks the prospective client through the customer journey, giving them clear direction

The enrolment team is immediately notified of the new lead and/or application and where they can contact them to finalize the registration process and enrollment.

Through Facebook, Stock Media has also been able to build up a “lookalike audience”. Facebook is able to automatically find similar students to those already enrolled and send targeted advertisements to their newsfeed.


From March 2020-May 2020:

Leads: 1660
New Applications: 795

From May 2020-August 2020:

Leads: 2637
New Applications: 1547

final thoughts

The results speak for themselves! “Don’t overthink it,” says Misty Smith, “Just work with her! She is a trustworthy professional, the kind of third party that you want for your business. She cares about her business and ours. And her success is our success.”

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