Productivity Hack: How to Balance Business and Family with Nicole Boudreau

How do you become a more confident business owner? Is it really possible to balance your business with your family? Is there a secret to productivity? This is what we’re talking about in this episode!

My guest, Nicole Boudreau, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. She helps busy females find their confidence by eliminating stress and confusion around eating healthy. She is also a mom of five and runs two online businesses!

Nicole believes that health is not one size fits all. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s finding what works best for YOU and your lifestyle.

Listen in as we talk about:
  • How Nicole uses time blocking to manage her schedule
  • Her biggest productivity hack
  • Nicole’s best tips for finding balance between your busy business and family
  • Tips to develop a resilient mindset, even in the hardest times
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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