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Village Studio Photography enjoys 1000% increase in sales thanks to Stock Media Inc. Digital Marketing Agency.

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village studio

Village Studio Photography enjoys 1000% increase in sales thanks to Stock Media Inc. Digital Marketing Agency.

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Village Studio is a Grimsby based photography studio that has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. From its beginnings as a studio and camera shop, Village Studio evolved with the photography industry and continues to deliver magical family moments, professional headshots, and amazing photo restoration.

Owner Bryan Macaulay started working with his father when he was 10 years old – carrying the camera and loading the film. Today, Bryan is the owner and operator of Village Studios, and he is passionate about staying on top of photography trends while maintaining the honesty and integrity that his business is known for.


Bryan reported that his sales steadily decreased since the recession of 2008. “I’m dealing with sales that are about half of what they were in 2006.” Bryan reported in 2020. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic drove his sales down even further.

His current methods of marketing including snail mail and boosted social media posts were time-consuming and ineffective. Although he was keeping pace with the technological changes in photography, Bryan felt a little left behind in the world of online marketing.

Bryan knew he had to make a change, and that he had to build a profitable online presence, but the task was completely overwhelming.


It wasn’t long before Bryan was introduced to Lisa Overland, owner/operator of Stock Media Inc Digital Marketing Agency. “She drew me right in with her sales pitch,” says Bryan, “Which is great, because her ability to market herself or anyone else is really what she is selling! She’s such a nice person, but she also pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me to see the big picture.” 

The intense planning and communication assist us in creating a detailed plan which is curtailed to every Client’s wants and needs. With our system, we are able to review the analytics daily so we are aware of any changes that need to be made in an instant. Along with our complete list of services, this has proven time and time again to have an incredible success rate.

This will give you the freedom to focus elsewhere in your life and business.


Lisa alongside the Stock Media team, set Village Studio up with:

• A beautiful new, custom-built, mobile-friendly website.
• An exciting re-brand complete with sparkling photography
• An enticing online mini-course
• An irresistible photography package offer
• A customized sales funnel to collect leads, automate online sales, check out and deliver
• An automated follow-up process to turn leads into prospects into sales
• A simplified checkout process to collect payments automatically with no effort
• Essential ongoing marketing strategy sessions


After working with Stock Media, Bryan reported the following results:

The photography package offer generated over $10,000 in sales in 60 days 
1000 new targeted leads in 10 months, and over 100 leads every month ongoing

Increased mailing list by 200%, creating a steady stream of sales

Time spent per week on marketing, sales and follow up has decreased from 15-20 hours a week to approximately 3 hours a week

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